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3D CoSeedis™ - The new standards in 3D Co-Culture of abc biopply

Innovative modular multi-purpose 3D Cell Co-Culture System.
3D CoSeedis™ from abc biopply ag is a novel scaffold-free 3D cell co-culture system. It consists of a unique conical agarose matrix array (CAMA) that allows the formation of spheroidal and non-spheroidal cell aggregates in a highly-reproducible and consistent manner. The conically shaped microwells within the array allow precise determination of aggregate volume and cell growth. Furthermore, the modular composition of the 3D system allows distance co-cultures and, consequently, the standardisation of protocols.

Read more details about 3D CoSeedis™ here

COVID-19 RT-qPCR Rapid Detection Kit

abc biopply introduces a brand new real-time PCR kit for the detection of SARS-CoV-2.

Key features: - Highly specific for the ORF1ab and N target markers recommended by WHO and US CDC - Ready-to-use reaction kit that includes MasterMix, Primers/Probes, and Internal Positive Control - Can be used with samples collected from sputum and naso/oropharyngeal swabs - Results ready in less than 2 hours - Compatible with standard RT-qPCR machines (ABI 7500, Bio-Rad CFX96, etc.)

Target genes: - ORF1ab and N genes as recommended by WHO and the US CDC

Advantages: - Results in less than 2 hours - One tube, Ready-to-use - 100 Reactions/Kit

Kit components: - Mastermix - Primers/Probes - Positive Control

Specimen types: - Sputum - Naso/Oropharyngeal swabs

Contact us for further information by email to service@biopply.com or phone to +41 41 747 25 50.

ReSyn Biosciences products available in Switzerland from abc biopply

MagReSyn beads from ReSyn Biosceinces are ideally suited for manual and automated protein aggregation capture (PAC digestion) as well as for phospho enrichment.

For further information, download the following article or contact us by email

Read and download the article

ECM coating and ECM solutions from Xylyx

Providing cells with their optimal cocktail of extracellular matrix molecules is the challenge of physiologically meaningful cell culture. Xylyx has taken this approach to the next level by providing organ specific ECM coatings and media solutions. The cells therefore find an environment reflecting their organ of origin which benefits cell growth and differentiation.

abc biopply introduces Xylyx to the Swiss market at a unrivalled price. Please, contact us for further details.


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